Body oil, again.

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I really do not have much of an introduction seeing that I have quite a lot to talk about.  This rape issue and other ills going on ehn, it is so sad. I pray for heavenly comfort for the relatives and friends of Uwa and other rape victims because this cannot be easy to get over even if the perpetrators are caught (I hope they are).

 Well well, I would be talking about four oils.

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I said I would teach how to make four oil yeah? Well, I will, just trying to figure out which of the oils to start with, orange, carrot, lemon or banana oil. Yes, I decided to talk about the mysterious banana oil (is it also mysterious to you or is it just me?). Lemon oil it is. Let us get started, I have talked too much.

Lemon oil
Well, there are two ways to this, the hot press method and the cold press method.

Hot press method
1. Get 3-4 fully ripe lemon and wash
2. Cut thin layers of lemon zest (peels)
3. Place the lemon peels in a non-stick frying pan and pour enough carrier oil to barely cover the surface
4. Heat at a low temperature
5.Place the oil aside for a few hours so that the oil takes in the lemon flavour 
6. Strain the oil in a clean air tight mason jar or bottle and store it in a dark cabinet or fridge

Cold press method
1. Wash and dry lemons, cut the zest into thin and long ribbons
2. Pack peels tightly in a jar then pour in just enough carrier oil to cover
3. Place near a sunny window for 1-2 weeks and shake everyday
4. Strain the oil and pour it in a jar after 2 weeks
Orange oil
5. The orange oil is prepared the same way as the lemon oil.

Carrot oil 
Hot pressed method
1. Wash and peel the skin of carrots 
2. Grate the carrots using a hand grater
3. Put the grated carrot in a pot and fully cover with enough carrier oil
4. Maintain a warm temperature and fry the carrot till it turns brown and the oil turns orange
5. Strain the oil and pour in a bottle

1. Removes dark spots 
2. Stimulates hair growth
3. Moisturizes the skin
4. Helps in natural tanning

Banana oil
1. Cut the banana peels into pieces and place them in a plastic bag
2. Beat, crush and mash the banana peels until they are softened
3. Move banana peels to a glass jar and add almond oil ( you could use olive oil too)
4. Seal the jar and put it in a sunny place for 2-3 days
5. Shake the jar every few hours
6. Strain out the banana peels

1. Slows hair loss
2. Eliminates dandruff
3. Boosts the immune system
4. Prevents premature aging 

Like I said in my previous post, carrier oils are coconut and olive oil. I really wish I could teach on how to make other oil but you can send me a DM on Instagram @ [removed]nicTemp(); (I am not proud of my username, it looks weird and does not have a pronunciation) to get to know how to make other oil like turmeric oil, sesame seed oil, lavender oil, neem oil, peppermint oil, onion oil, ginger oil, garlic oil and a whole lot more. Phew, that pretty much sums it all up.



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