The life I (do not) miss.

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If you fall asleep seconds after feeling sleeping, my dear, I congratulate you. I feel super sleepy as I type but I have been rolling on my bed for over 20 minutes and I still cannot sleep. It has always been this way. So, I decided to type this post seeing that I have to post on Saturday.

 Now playing: The voice in my head scolding me for buying this fine pair of slippers I thought was fine until the moment it entered my room.  I should share a picture but I am ashamed.

  Today has to be the most stressful day I have experienced since the beginning of this COVID holiday. I woke up some minutes after 7AM which is the earliest I have since this holiday. I was excited that I was finally going out since the start of the lockdown, so I woke up early, lol.

   My mum, sister and I had to take my 7 months old nephew for his vaccine at the UCH. MeWell that did not take much time. I also went to OBMS and seeing how renovated the school is, I wanted to feel like an OBMS student again but no, I do not miss the 7AM classes we were forced to attend, my new school starts lectures by 9AM and I even get to decide to go or not . I do not miss having to be at the morning assembly, standing for 30minutes which can be prolonged and eventually get scolded or worse, beaten because I decided to keep my nails long.

    I do not miss being forced to make hairstyles that make my big forehead look bigger than it already is. I do not miss kneeling down in the quadrangle. I do not miss Wednesday chapel (I always felt sleepy but if I did, I would be caught and most likely be asked to stand up, I would not want thousands of eyes staring at me, wondering what I had done). 

I just miss my friends and all the fun we had in secondary school, I definitely do not want to go back to wearing uniform almost every day of my life. I took pictures I should share but I would not because my camera is bad, I need a new phone.

  My whole body aches! Flashback to when I was in SS2, I had my first Foods and Nutrition practical I had spent my 12:00pm to 5:00pm( over 5 hours!)cooking, standing, walking and cleaning. I cried that day my mum almost carried me. That was the last time I felt this way. I can not cry now, no one will beg me. I am off to bed, hopefully I would wake up in the morning because at this point, I feel I can sleep for 24 hours.

Hey, I did wake up in the morning.

Now playing: Not in that way- Sam Smith

I want to get back to school badly. I miss being extremely bored during weekends and still decide not to visit anyone or have anyone come visit me. I miss rushing for my classes, I miss cursing the sun as I walk back from the lectures I had gained nothing from. I miss not cooking until Priscilla says Rhoda, oya let us cook spaghetti, hehe, God bless that girl because I would not hesitate to eat bread and tea or butter or groundnut and yessssss, chinchin and groundnut I like cooking though, not just in school.

 I miss my dark evening stroll, I would plug in my earpiece and walk to 1000 Cap. I miss the feeling of being a student because right now I do not know what I am. I miss the poor network. i miss wearing wigs and looking all fine in the morning but returning from my lectures, looking like burnt potato after being molested by the sun. I miss all the evening gist with Rodyat, Ike, Ini, Stella and Priscilla, Mary would join at times. I miss walking to class with Rodyat, Temi and Bolaji, Temi would always waste time leaving Rodyat and Bolaji boiling, not me because I do not mind getting to class late or not even going at all.  I miss Mary asking if I would go to church.

I miss all things about school besides classes, call me lazy but saying I miss lectures would be a lie.

What do miss about school, maybe work too?
What do you miss about the pre-Covid life?
When all this dies down what is the first thing you would do?


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