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I have been waiting for Vado to release his new album since midnight so I can play that Ada song, I loved the snippet so I am anticipating, but he seems to want to punish me. I love this Abena song by Jaywillz so I am playing it.

Now playing? My dear, I already spilled, go back and read from the beginning. 

My left leg has been hurting real bad for a while now, I fell about a year ago and the pain never left, it just reduced, now the pain is back with full force. Pardon me if this post seems disorganized, it has been a week since I made my last post and this whole thing feels new to me.

I cannot wait to start going out again. I know, I know, you all go out but the kind of going out I am hoping to hop on is traveling. I just might start travel blogging. I understand the fact that some of you do not like travelling, my dear how could you! Travelling really is fun, the sight, landscape and all, talking like i have been to more than 8 states. I think the major turn off is the bad roads, no cap. All the gbagagbaga on the road really is not it.

If you know me, you would know that going out is stress to me even if I am going to a fun place. Do not blame me, the idea of going out in the sun and dressing up just tires me. Seems a lot of that is going to change the moment all of this is over. I have spent more than half of the year indoor, pretty frustrating. Who else lives in Ibadan and has not been to Amala Syke? Ok ok even if you have not, you should know where it is, I used to think it was in Ring Road. 

I have lived in Ibadan for 18 years ( I could have just said all my life but I need you guys to see that I am no more a kid, lol) and never have I been to Amala Skye, imagine.  I even used to think it was in Ring Road. That is the only place in Ibadan I long to go for now. 

My birthday is in a few days and I am still waiting for the thrill that comes with turning 18. How do you guys hype your birthday sef? You know, all this paparazzi and count down you do. The only new the thing about being 18 is the fact that you get to vote and I am not even excited about that because what is fun in spending hours under the sun to vote and in the long run, the votes get rigged? I would vote during the next election tough, if the sun says I should, I am not going to get fried. Also, you get to drive and it is not like anybody is about to gift me a car plus I cannot drive so, chapter closed, no thrill.

Ok, I think I have typed enough irrelevant things so I would stop now to save you from the WHAT IS SHE SPILLING headache. But answer my questions would you? Yes? Thank you.





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