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I did not plan on writing this but the time is 11:07pm and oh well, here I am.

Now playing: Baami by Femi Flame ft Mike Abdul

Eachtime I play this song Bolaji gets a blessing for sending it to me. I feel you should check it out too and if you do not like the song after listening to the first 30 seconds, tell me, I would return your 9mb(use an earpiece).

Okokok, it is my birthday in few minutes and I am yet to feel any excitement. Is it weird? Maybe it is the pandemic but pandemic or not I do not think I would have celebrated it in any other way so let me calm down. I do not know how I would eat all I plan to tomorrow since I have this bad toothache. Tomorrow is the only day I get to spoil me by eating all sort of junks, after, fit fam.

Mehn! I cannot dance but the dance steps going on in my head cannot waste, so if you are interested in buying them, my dear, send me a message. I would put you through. Believe me, this is your chance to blow. I am serious o, I dey dance abeg, ask my brain.

My last birthday was not much of a wow but I enjoyed it and I think really need to learn how to plan birthdays because my idea of a bang birthday is only when cake is involved. Once there is cake, ah, that is it please, drink too because, why not?

Photo shoot?: The first and last photo shoot  had was when I turned 16 and I do not know why i  did it, I do not like the pictures. I should share them but, let us just end it there. I am camera shy too so no new pictures for the birthday, just a bunch of oldies.

So I am 18, na to collect PVC remain, abi?. Someone commented on my last post that I can now sue and be sued, is that not scary? Sue me for what? Sue you for what? Let us just make peace biko. Cheiiiiiiii, if you see the gbese I just did in my head right now, oh my good Lord. I would try doing it live when it is bright, wish me luck, hope I do not sprain my ankle.

What to expect today? (ok, I am confused, should I say today or tomorrow because I am actually typing this minutes to tomorrow): I do not know what to expect other than wishes jare, e go be but i do not want tomorrow to end and it is not even here yet. Do I have a birthday mate here?

I am done ranting. Wish me a happy birthday dear, be nice, I love you too. I can now sue so, beware!!!!!



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