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  Rhoda      2020-09-08     Views: 195

I see you read my post about being shy or did you just stumble on this post? My big announcement might not be so big to you but it is to me. 

After waiting for so long, I would be starting my business. What is your business? Relax. You would patronize me yeah? 

The named it TRH Shop (The Rainbow Heart Shop). It goes in line with the blog. I love fragrances and all that has to do with lovely scents so I thought, why not start a business in this line?

I would introduce hand made bags, I really have been lazy about this so I am putting this out here so if I do not start making bags soon, you can drag me here. 

Fragrances and bags? Well, I would chip in other things as time goes on but yeah, let us stick to fragrance for now.

The koko is that I need you to choose a logo for me. I made quite a number and I got me confused in the whole process. Help me out would you?

Which of the logos do you feel I should use? One, two, three, four, five, six or seven?



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