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I really should start selling the business ideas in my head.

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Yes, I now have songs because how do you live without music?. I made lovely Ankara slides in the past week, not my first time though but the first time in months and I feel good about it, next on the list is to make an Ankara bag. I also learnt how to make plantain chips, not the regular type. This one is so fine and damn so sweet, flavoured to perfection. And eiii God, I dance better while sitting down one would actually think I can dance but the moment I stand, it is a disaster.

I said I was going to make a post about creativity boosters in my last post and here I am, fulfilling my promise but first of, you still battle with acne and dark spot? O wrong now! A baby girl makes the best friendly and affordable skincare products. Believe me when I say they work so well. You should know that I do not stan rubbish, you should really give Luminesce  a try.


Welcome to my Ted talk. About 2 weeks ago, the church I attend had an annual convention and a lot was said but I would love to share important tips I picked up from the creativity class. But let it be known that creativity is a tool for all God created and we all have the innate ability to create. The first assignment given to Adam was to name animals God had created, of course, he had to be creative.

Diving straight into creativity boosters.
 1.Knowledge of God

 2.Confidence/ boldness: Come out of the shell of fear. Even when you try to be creative fear would not have you let out your full creative prowess.

 3.Mentorship: You need one as you cannot do it on your own. You sure would need advice on some or a lot of things. A baby cannot grow on its own, how would it feed?

 4.Adding smartness to your passion: There hardly is anything you want to start up now that is not being done, what makes you stand out? Genesis 41: 34-40, Pharaoh sent for Joseph to interpret his dreams not to give him advice and possible solutions but he understood that if he only gave interpretation to the dream without giving solutions and advice, he probably would have been sent back to the cell. Same smartness he used when he already interpreted the dream the butler had but still said Remember me when you get to the palace.  The  world is saying We know you can do these things but how does it affect us? Believe it or not, people get rarely interested in things that do not benefit them, everyone is hustling so how would you convince me that the service or good I am about to pay you for is not a waste of money. Joseph did something a little bit extra and it earned him a lot of good.

 5.Challenges: They sure would make you smarter for upcoming wahalas.

 6.Be observant and focus on the details: Little mistakes can turn your soon-to-be customer away, you might feel it does not matter but it certainly does to others.

 7.Flexibility: Rigidity chokes creativity. The fact that a particular brand does things this way does not mean you can not do things that way. During the intense heat of the pandemic, schools had to adapt to virtual classes, well most did as some just left their students to whatever was out there, no class, nothing. People also found themselves doing things they never imagined they would, some switched jobs and a lot more.

That pretty much sums it up. I hope you learnt something. Have you any question? Leave it in the comment section.


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