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  Rhoda      2020-12-31     Views: 284

It has been a while yeah?

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With how inconsistent i publish posts one would think I do not have content to post, whereas, I have a lot to talk about in my journal.

The thing is procrastination can be so addictive but I am trying to put things in order. I have been seeing videos and reading articles that addresses procrastination.

I have been searching  for an app that helps with making schedules and organizing your day, I have been disorganized lately so it is highly needed. I came across Trello, time tune and a lot more and I am confused. Kindly leave suggestions abeg. I would also give my review on the apps.

Does listing your to dos  work for you? Definitely not me but it is something I would love to try, it takes discipline though. I would definitely carry you along.

It is New year eve and I so can not  wait to leave this 2020 biko. Not that the new year would change all of these happenings in the world but I feel it would bring the feeling of a fresh start, well, not for all but at least for me. I have a lot planned out for the new year but I am also taking things slow and I definately would need lots of help. I some times do not want to think, lol, it is stressful. The webinar I promised still comes up in January, get prepared.

Okok, I am done ranting. Happy new year TRHers, lemaoo, we need a FAM name. I pray the new year ushers in greatness and love and light and financial breakthrough. You are loved.

FAM name ideas?
What would you remember 2020 for? For me,  it is the year tomato paste became 180 naira from 50 naira.


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